PDR 1878 Capa Madura Review


Here we have our last review of the PDR 1878 line of cigars. The Capa Madura is definitely my favorite of the bunch, even if this particular stick did have a small issue. I have another stick that is in perfect shape so I won’t let the small issue with this one effect the rating.


Okay, I’ll start off with the one little issue I had with this cigar and that was that the cap seemed to have been ripped halfway off. The pigtailed cap still looked beautiful, but I noticed that quite a bit of it had been ripped, but like I stated earlier, this is a rare occasion so it won’t effect the rating. I guess another slight issue was that the cigar was overall a tad soft, but this may be attuned to the torn cap so again, not a huge issue since the smoking experience was stillĀ  great. The Maduro wrapper was beautiful with a lot of little thin veins scattered about. I wouldn’t say that the draw was loose but it was certainly smoother than I have experienced so it was great, producing a lot of smoke. The ash was tri-colored and really only flaked during the beginning, firming out the farther in you go, something new for a maduro wrapper. Did I mention that the burn on this cigar was perfect?


I’ve noticed that many of the 1878 cigars have a cold draw with very sweet tobacco but they all have a different added flavor, this one for instance having leather with the tobacco. When lit, you get a light spice with some moderate tobacco flavors, leather, and a distant sweetness. After a few puffs, you notice a nuttiness similar to peanuts kick in. The flavors stay fairly consistent throughout the smoke, although they do intensify until the very end and also allow a little bit of earth to join in the final third. Overall, this smoke was just delicious with the subtle sweetness and traditional flavors. The aroma was a nice light spice with a cream undertone.

Band Removal Suggestion:

Similar to other 1878 line cigars, you should be able to slide or peel the band off, just be careful when peeling.




Hand Made: Y
Country of Origin: DOMINICAN REP
Length: 5 INCHES
Gauge: 52
Strength: MEDIUM
Wrapper: MADURO
Filler: LONG

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