A. Fernandez Signature Series Review


For a cigar that you can’t really find any information on aside from some other reviews, this thing was GOOD. Some of you may know AJ Fernandez as a top tier blender for many of the biggest names out there. Well he also makes some of his own blends and they’ve been known to be just as superb and at premium status like all the big name brands. The Signature Series is the first cigar release under Fernandez’s name and he had a great start by using this blend.


A very nice looking cigar. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is a nice medium brown with very few veins, the ones that are noticeable are deep but very pleasing. The ash is firm with a nice off-white color to it and it held fairly well. There were times where the ash was pretty weak and wouldn’t make it to an inch in length but it wasn’t a huge issue. My only concern was the draw being kind of loose. As you all know, I prefer a firmer draw that still brings in a good amount of quality smoke, this one was a bit loose but still brought that great smoke with it.


When taking a cold draw on this smoke, all I could pick up was a mild spice and not much else. Once lit, the first bit of the cigar consisted of a rich medium spice and tobacco combination that warmed up the palate. A little bit before the halfway mark, a good portion of leather moves into the cigar and is followed by a very nice creamy caramel undertone. The overall quality and flavors of this cigar are great, I think a little tighter draw and perhaps more flavors or one that powers the smoke a little more may help.

Band Removal Suggestion:

Remove at your own risk. The band on this particular stick was too tight to slide off and the ends of the band glued too closely to peel. Some may be loose enough to slide off because the glue doesn’t touch the wrapper.




Size: 5×50, Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Filler: Honduran and Nicaraguan Ligero

Strength: Medium-Full

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